Why shouldn’t you use the Alarm? Do this to wake up naturally

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How to Wake Up without using any Alarm Clock

Disclaimer! Based on Personal Experience

Are you supposed to wake up by the irritating tone of the Alarm in the morning or at any time?

Just follow this simple habit and say no more to the Alarm!

But before you know the habit you should know what’s the problem getting up with the Alarm.

Sleep Problems by Alarm or Alarm Clock

Sleep Disruption

Generally, Proper Sleep categorizes into two parts: 1) Non-REM sleep 2) REM sleep (REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement)

1) Non-REM sleep is further divided into three stages:

Stage 1: First 5-10 mins of your sleeping. At this stage, though your eyes are closed, you can be awakened easily.

Stage 2: 15-20 mins after your Stage 1 sleeping. Here, you are in light sleep and your body prepares you for deep sleep. During this time, the heartbeat and body temperature slow down.

Stage 3: Now you are in deep sleep. At this time, your body repair, build muscles and bones, regrow tissues, and strengthens the immune system.  As the sleeping time from childhood to adulthood reduces from 11-12 hours to 7-8 hours, the span of this stage also reduces.

You will find it very uncomfortable if someone awakens you at this stage.

2) REM sleep

This is the last 90 mins sleep of your sleeping. You get the most vivid and memorable dreams during this time. The most noticeable thing that happens here is: your eyes move rapidly in different directions. REM sleep helps in boosting your memory and learning capability.[1]

Using the Alarm to wake up disrupts these sleep stages significantly. As a result, one can suffer from Sleep Inertia (A state where a person still feels dizzy and sleepy after waking up). It can last from minutes to hours depending upon the person or his/her health condition. Thus, this causes a person notable negative or declining performance throughout the day.

Natural Waking Up

Our body has an internal biological clock that determines our Sleep and Wake Up time. Waking up naturally without the help of an alarm helps our body maintain its own internal clock.

In this way, your body will complete its sleep cycle and will wake up when it’s ready. This results in waking you up with a refreshing and energized start to the day. Unfortunately, the Alarm clock disrupts this Natural Waking Up system badly.

Stress and anxiety

Most of the time, the sound of the alarm irritates us badly. This may be because we hate the tone as we’re hearing that regularly or it reminds our day-to-day job to start. Finally, it creates stress and anxiety at the very beginning of the day.

By no means, it’s not a good way of waking up and starting of the day. Now think about the rest of the day how will you spend. Not so amazing to think of, Right?

Quality of sleep

As previously said, getting up from bed with the tone of the alarm hampers your mentality a lot. The reason being the incomplete of your sleep stages. This means your body isn’t getting proper recovery and rest time. Doing so repeatedly not only hamper your quality of sleep but also hampers your optimal health functions.

How to wake up naturally?

Just fix the timing of your sleep. That’s it!

What? That’s it?

Yes! Sleep at a fixed time and continue this consistently for a week.

For example, if you are sleeping at 10 pm at night then continue this for a week. First 3-4 days, you will struggle to wake up at a fixed time. After that, you will see the magic of your body’s internal clock which will make you wake up at a set time.

But how does it happen?

Well, when you’re giving the body a responsibility to sleep and wake me up at a fixed time, it takes with seriously.

Jokes apart, actually our body has a fixed time of sleep i.e. 7-8 hours for adults. Now think wisely! You’re fixing your sleep time and the body has fixed hours of sleeping. As a result, you will automatically get up at a fixed time.

Isn’t that simple? Wonderful? Remember, the struggling phase of your first 3-4 days implies, your body is adjusting to the sleep and wake-up timing you set accordingly.

Example of me

Example 1, My Normal Day wake up: Now I am giving my real-life example to clarify you more. See! My body has an optimal sleep time that is 8 hours. Generally, I go to bed at 11 pm. Now here’s the simple calculation! If I’m sleeping at 11 and my sleep completion time is 8 hours then what’s my wake-up time?

Simple! It’s 7’0 clock

Yeah! That’s how I wake up every day at a regular time without any alarm or alarm clock.

Example 2, My Rush Day wake up: Generally, for all adults, the ideal sleeping time is 8 hours approx. I sleep at 11 pm at night. Now do general math by yourself! You are sleeping at a fixed time i.e. 11 pm and your sleep duration is almost fixed i.e. 8 hours. Don’t your wake up time will also be fixed?

I am practicing this fixed time of sleeping for years. Since then I never have had to turn back on the alarm. Through this method, you can actually wake up at any time at night. Now here is my rush day wake up story.

On one fine day, I and my family members planned to go to a holy place by train. It was an 8 hours journey from my home and the train was at 6 am. According to our calculation, we all have to wake up at 3 am to prepare fully. If we miss the train we have to wait at least 12 hours for the next train. So no chance of missing.

As a result, some family members set the alarm at 3 am to wake up. Guess who didn’t? Yes, it’s me. There I thought, according to my “fixed time sleeping policy”, I have to sleep 8 hours to wake up at any time. So just have to fill that quota in any way.

So as per my plan, the day before our journey, I slept in the afternoon for 3 hours from 3 pm to 6 pm. Then again sleep at 10 pm. Now what will be the timing of my wake up?

Yes exactly at 3 am!!! I just woke up a few minutes before 3 am. When I woke up and got up from bed suddenly, heard the ringing of the alarm of my family members. Undoubtedly, I woke up at first, and that too without any alarm. This is the power of fixed-time sleeping.

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