This is why you shouldn’t use your sleep time to work

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Don't use your sleep time to work

Are you sleeping 5 hours thinking you’re saving more time than others? So basically, 8-5=3 hours you saved per day, right? You have additional 3 hours in a day than anyone to do creative work, right? You will always be ahead of them in terms of time.

Are all your answers from the above YES? Is this your mindset to save time? Is this how you cut your sleep time to work every day?

Then, my friend, you are in big trouble. Instead of saving actually, you’re losing your time.

Let me give you an example for this to explain clearly.

Suppose you love to drink coffee and are making this now. How will you? First, boil milk gently; pour the coffee powder; add sugar[1], and stir. Your coffee is ready.

Now what if I tell you I can save time while making coffee? How? First, I will boil milk, and then…

Then? Then what?

Yeeppii! Your coffee is ready! Isn’t it amazing I saved a lot of time to make a coffee?

Are all the above lines make any sense?

This is similar to your case of saving time at the very start of this post. Your body is craving sleep of 7 to 8 hours. But you aren’t giving.

So, please don’t use your sleep time to work

This is why a proper amount of sleep requires:

* Sleep not only relax our brain but also repair and maintenance our body parts.

* On the surface, you are saving so many hours. Actually, you aren’t. Reason? The efficiency of work. If a guy sleeps 5 hours/day and another guy sleeps 8 hours/day. The latter will have more efficiency than the former.

The more efficient the work, the faster it will finish because of fewer errors it is making. Now you decide which one is better! A 10% efficiency throughout the day or 100% efficiency for a certain time? A worker with hundreds of errors working 18 hours or A worker with no error or negligible error working 15 hours?

Follow the below chart to know the duration of sleep time according to age.

Different sleep timings according to the age
Different sleep timings according to the age

What can I do? I don’t have the proper time to finish my job. Here is what you can do:

Time management. Just finish your work in time. We all get 24 hours a day. If this time isn’t enough for you it means either you’re too busy or you’re too lazy. If you’re lazy in this you seriously lack in time management.

Note down all your everyday things on paper or on your phone/pc (using google docs, notepad, etc.). Try to figure out what things are wasting your time. What are the tasks you can finish properly in lesser time? What types of work you should completely eliminate?

When you answer or figure out the above questions you will learn time management. No coach or extraordinary thing require for this. Thank you.


  • [1]Here, jaggery should use as a sweetener. Naturally, it’s healthier and doesn’t go through any processing, unlike sugar

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