Protein Powder for the first time? Keep these things in mind

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Protein Powder for the first time tips and tricks

Disclaimer! Based on Personal Experience

There are different types of protein powders so choose wisely and carefully

Different types of protein powders like:

Whey Protein: Derived from milk and easily absorbed into our body.

Casein Protein: Also derived from milk, slower to digest and release amino acids gradually.

Soy Protein: Derived from soybeans, a suitable option for vegetarians or vegans.

Pea Protein: Extracted from yellow split peas, a plant-based option that is easily digestible and allergen-friendly.

Rice Protein: Made from brown rice, suitable for dietary-restricted people.

Among them, Whey Protein powder is widely used and most professional health coaches/trainers recommended it. Still, choose protein powder according to your health and workout requirements.

Don’t mix the hot liquid

Don’t mix hot liquid like hot water with protein powder. Combining both will make the taste worse and drinking that will taste like grain in liquid. On the contrary, you can mix and drink the powder with milk, water, or your desired liquid kept at a normal temperature.

Always buy flavorless or raw protein powder

Buying flavorless raw protein powder has numerous benefits. Firstly, It means the protein powder does not contain any added sugar, artificial food colors or flavors, additives, sweeteners,  etc.

Secondly, less as zero added sugar and optimal natural sugar (mostly from fruits) is the best for your body. That’s why you will find almost every healthy celeb chooses fruits as their main natural sugar source. Lastly, you don’t have to bother about the side effects of many artificially added additives like colors, flavors, sweeteners, etc.

Buying raw protein powder means you have unlimited options to choose according to your taste. You can mix that powder with anything like regular foods; can make your desired natural fruit flavors like banana shake, strawberry shake, etc. Doing so means not only you are making your health better but also you aren’t compromising on anything.

But what’s wrong with additives like colors, flavors, sweeteners, etc?

Always mix the powder in a shaker

If you think about mixing protein powder in a glass or any bottle. I already feel sorry for you!

Mixing protein powder in any pot other than a shaker creates lumps in the mixture when shaken. It’s mainly because the mixture didn’t mix well. That’s why here comes the usage of shaker. Shaker contains a unique part that is mostly not available in any normal bottle/pot. And that is: Mesh-like cover. This crucial thing helps in mixing the powder with the liquid very well. This way there contain no lumps in the container and the mixture is well mixed.

Do this If you are buying a higher amount of protein powder like 2 Kg, 3 Kg, or more

As your intake will remain the same, you may find it irritating to buy a 400g or 600g pack of protein powder several times. Rather buy a little higher amount of protein powder pack like 2 kg, or 3 kg to not to buy frequently.

But here’s the catch!

If you buy a higher amount of protein powder pack here comes the problem. You will regularly open the pack. Doing so will allow the air to come in contact with protein powder. So what?

Any food In open air becomes unhealthy due to the growth of bacteria. We either put an airtight seal or replace the air with N2 gas to prevent that. This is why canned beans/coffee (1st example) and commercial chips packet (2nd example) last longer.

Now what will I do by knowing this?

Well, to let you know a little about airtight theory. 🙂

Don’t open and close the big packet of protein powder several times. Instead, put the powder in a smaller packet/container (4 or 5 times lesser in size than the big one) and then use it! Thus, the main packet will be less opened and will be less in contact with the air. Less contact with air, the less will be unhealthier.

Don’t understand? Okay, let’s simplify.

Example of me

Let’s suppose, I have a 2 Kg protein powder packet. For regular use, I won’t open and close the main packet regularly. Instead, I will arrange a screw-top container/pot/bottle (you can choose any). Here I will be using a wide-mouthed screw-top container for ease and pour about 500g of powder into that. Now from this container, I will use the powder regularly. After that, I will close and tight the cap very well. In this way, the protein powder comes in contact with less amount of air for a short time. Thus, it does not waste quickly contrary to If I used the full protein powder packet for storing.

But why do companies put in those unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients?

First and obviously to make more profits as those artificial things come cheaper. Secondly to stay competitive at the market price. But isn’t this second one okay? What else can they do?

Yes, I agree the products should have competitive prices in the market. But it shouldn’t be at the cost of consumers’ health. This strategy is good for short-term progress but not in the long run. 

Making genuine and trustworthy products may struggle at first but once customers taste the real value, you won’t have to worry anymore. The best examples of this are: Apple & Tesla. Hope doesn’t have to say anything more about them. 

Look at ingredients not at marketing or popularity

Don’t buy any protein powder looking at the brand or just because your friend/s suggested it. Instead, always look at the ingredients of the powder. It should only contain protein powder, other than this ingredient should arise questions in your mind. The powder shouldn’t contain any types of stabilizers, emulsifiers, artificial colors/flavors/sweeteners. 

There are some very crucial reasons why I suggested not to look at the brand. Already many brands are producing totally dustbin-worthy protein powder. Where some also produce good and healthy ones also. Alas! many times, these good brands produce bad or unhealthy powder under the same name. And below I speak about one of the names among them. 

Can you suggest any name to trust?

As I used the protein powder of Nutrabay, I will give you some rough ideas about protein powder through this. Relax! Relax! In no way or by no means, they do not sponsor or promote me. I will just put my honest opinion here.

Last but not least, never go for the name or brand. The only thing you can trust the most is the protein powder ingredients. So check that always not only for the powder but also for every product you buy. 

Where I like and dislike Nutrabay (Neither sponsored nor promoted)

Nutrabay’s best protein powder I have seen and used so far is: “Nutrabay Pure Concentrate Whey Protein Powder”. It only contains Whey Protein Concentrate Powder as Ingredient. So I will say, it’s definitely the best and pure protein powder you required. The powder is unflavored with no additives, added sugar, banned substances, or steroids. According to me, overall it’s great and worth getting attention!  

On the other hand, their other products like Nutrabay Gold Vital Whey Protein, Nutrabay Gold 100% Whey Protein Isolate, Nutrabay Gold Tri Blend Whey Protein Powder, and Nutrabay Pro Nitro Build Whey Protein are better to be avoided. These mostly contain emulsifiers, stabilizers, sweeteners, anti-caking agents, and thickening agents. 

Do you buy the product? If yes, was that good?

Yes, I bought 2 kg of “Nutrabay Pure Concentrate Whey Protein Powder” from their official site with an offer and got a shaker for free. To be honest, it was one of the best protein powders I have used so far. It’s not only good for its genuine taste but also for its pure ingredients.

Yes, the powder is a little bit more expensive than the normal added ones but not more than your health.

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