These signs are telling that you had a bad sleep last night

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Signs of bad sleep

Do you know the quality of your sleep last night you have? Umm… maybe or mostly NO!

Today you will know some signs of whether you have a good sleep or not. Here are the most common signs of bad sleep.

1) Wrinkles on your bed sheet

Do you have a lot of noticeable folds/wrinkles in your bed sheets after waking up? That’s probably the symptom of having a bad sleep. How?

Well, wrinkles imply you move your body parts from here to there too frequently on the bed. Too much moving of body parts on the bedsheet is in no way a signal of good sleep. In short, it means you find it too difficult to sleep.

To improve your sleep, it is recommended to aim for a duration of 7-8 hours each night. Additionally, it is important to manage work-life balance. Don’t let work stress interfere with your sleep. You can read this article for some awesome Dos and Don’ts for faster sleep that I personally use in my daily life: Very few people do these to sleep faster, do you?

2) You still feel sleepy after the wake-up

Are you feeling sleepy every day after the wake up? My friend! then it’s time to think about healthy sleep seriously. The most common reason here found is not taking a sufficient amount of sleep. Follow the below sleep time chart according to your age and get proper sleep.

Different sleep timings according to the age
Different sleep timings according to the age

Note that the above are well-researched and recommended sleep timings for us. Greater or lesser than this timing can still give you sleepy all the day.

Moreover, waking up by the alarm regularly is also another reason. Check out this post to wake up naturally (means, waking up without using any alarm): Why shouldn’t you use the Alarm? Do this to wake up naturally

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