Are you sleeping naked? This is why you shouldn’t!

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Are you sleeping naked

Are you used to sleeping naked? Reasons may be – obviously you feel comfortable, used to being intimate with your mate almost daily, or maybe for other reasons. Whatever the reasons are, you shouldn’t have a habit of sleeping naked. This is why:

1) Fire: You can’t escape instantly during the fire from your room or in the place you live. The longer you stay in the fire room/place, the faster you’re likely to die. Of course, at this point you wouldn’t waste your time here just to look for clothes and then dress up and run away, right?

2) Murderer: Suppose a murderer gets into your house. You just have to run away instantly anyway. Otherwise, you may be killed! Ohh gosh, you are already naked. How will you do that? Will you waste minutes of your time in this life-death situation just for wearing clothes? or will you give the time to flee?

Umm.. you may be thinking here what if instead of run I counter on them? Yeah, you can do so. But the murderer can have any weapon. If you seriously skill at countering still you should first think about your family members. In the back and forth between you and the killer, your close ones can be seriously injured.

So instead of fighting back. The ideal can be: first escape all>call the police> and let them counter that killer.

3) At someone’s emergency: Suppose you get a call from your close ones or get to know about a health emergency. While you were sleeping naked will you have enough time for dressing?

4) Earthquake: Similar to the fire. The only difference is that the fire will give you some time to escape. But to survive an earthquake naked and then wear clothes and escape? Just forget about it!

5) Other Natural Disasters: At the time of natural disasters e.g. floods, storms, and cyclones, sleeping naked can be dangerous. Your chance of escape or to get help in escaping reduces. Not saying being naked you can’t escape at all. But do you have guts to do? or, won’t you feel shame doing that?

These were some noteworthy points why you shouldn’t sleep naked. Hope it helps! 😀

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